Optional Textbook:

Learning Web Design: A beginner’s guide to html, css, Javascript, and web graphics. Jennifer Niederst Robbins (order from

Required Hardware: (NOTE: If you don’t have the hardware and software requirements, OP1224 and OP1210 computer labs are configured with all the software and Macintosh hardware necessary for this class – you can do all the assignments in these labs during class and in the evenings until midnight.)

  • Macintosh or Window-based computer with minimum of 8GB RAM and minimum 500GB Hard-drive (1TB drive highly encouraged)

Required Software:

  • Subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud (students discount rates available) for the semester. Should include entire Adobe software suite: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat Pro, AfterEffects, Animate, Premier and other suite applications. (see note above)
  • Subscription to (students discount rates available) for the semester. (this is required – there is no department subscription to
  • Komodo Edit or Brackets (FREE downloads – html editors)

Recommended Peripheral Hardware: (You will want this hardware if you are a serious graphic designer and/or visual artist.  These items are not required for this class, but acquire them when possible, so you aren’t dependent upon shared program or department resources.)

  • 24 Megapixel DSLR
  • 22 or 27 inch (or larger) home work screen (if you have a laptop)
  • iPad Pro or some other brand of tablet (if you don’t have a laptop)
  • 1TB Backup Drive (this hardware will one day be invaluable to you)
  • Photo-quality Inkjet Printer (capable of printing 13 x 19″ sheet media)
  • Wacom graphics tablet (so you aren’t trying to paint digitally with a mouse)
  • Apple Pencil (for iPad)

Recommended Software and Aps: (NOT required for this class – just good alternative software to learn)

  • Blender (FREE) – 3D Modeling and Animation Software
  • Cinema 4D FREE Student license3D Modeling and Animation Software
  • Maya (FREE Student 3 year license)
  • Adobe Sketch – iPad ap for digital painting
  • Sketchbook Pro – iPad ap for digital painting
  • Paper 53 -iPad ap for digital painting
  • Cloud-based backup/storage – iCloud, Google, Amazon Prime , etc…

Recommended Software websites:

  • (follow my various creative boards)

Traditional Design/Art Supplies

Prismacolor markers – 24 set
Prismacolor color pencils – 24 set
Sharpie marker(s) – black
X-acto knife #10
Beinfeng 360 marker paper – 11×14”
Tracing paper pad – 11×14”
Black mat board (as needed)
black foamcore (as needed)
BIG Flash/Key Drive
18 or 24” metal ruler
Pica ruler
Proportion wheel
30-60-90 triangle(s) – 18”
Spray mount
Masking tape
White and Black flatback tape