New Assignment: Putting it all together

So you new assignment, and probably the one you will work on until the end of the semester is…

You are going to tell a story. Make one up or re-imagine an old story. Something simple though. Maybe a fairy tale, or a nursery rhyme. Pick your poison.


  • 12 page “booklet” design, four-color, full-bleed, saddle-stitched. The story happens in 8 to 10 pages
  • 12 page storybook website: retask your print design into a website – 12 pages (hyperlinks, yeah)
  • 30 second animation (Adobe Animate or Photoshop Cell-frame)

You can use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create the assets to correspond with your text in the story. You must include a photograph of yourself as the designer, illustrator and/or author.


  • April 19: Story determined with rough storyboard or a rough “dummy” of the booklet (roughly sketched out ideas of the imagery needed in the story)
  • April 28: Mid-assignment critique: all components
  • May 5: Booklet and Website due
  • May 8 (Final): Animation due – we’ll watch them in class.

This is a big assignment, but you have developed the skills this semester to pull it off… if you keep it simple, focus on the story and if you utilize design (Big D design and little d Design) to solve the problems. We have roughly four weeks to accomplish these three devices (print, web and animation).

You should have questions tomorrow about this assignment.


pdf Separation Proofing

I showed you today in class the process for printing a .ps file as a separation so you can check to make sure your 2-color newsletter has the spot color correctly set up. It is the same process (except this time you print booklet to make an 11 x 17 inch spread) to make a composite .ps file, just select separations instead of the Composite CMYK in the print dialog box. Distill the .ps file and open up the .pdf. If your file is correct, you should have 4 11 x 17, black and white pages in your .pdf. 2 for the front and 2 for the back. One of the two on the front and back will be the black plate and the other 1 of the two will be the spot color you select.

Keep this .pdf to show me. Once you confirm your spot color is correct (if it is not – fix it before you proceed) you can reprint the .ps file as a color composite, distill to the new composite .pdf and then duplex print your proof for Monday.


.ps, .pdf., .eps. yada, yada, yada

OK, I was helping you all get your laser proofs of the Kirksville Arts Association pamphlet InDesign document printed in class today (with crop marks). Now we need to prep your document for large-format inkjet printing using the same printing to a .ps file and distilling (Acrobat Distiller) to a .pdf file. You can’t do this process from your personal computers, you have to do it from one of the lab(s) computers (they are set up to do the .ps to .pdf process). Anyway, it is the same process only this time you will set up to a 13 x 19 paper size at 100%, not to a letter size at scale to fit. Make sense? Make sure you check the .pdf you make in Preview to make sure the .pdf document is sized to a 13 x 19 – also, don’t forget to turn on your crop marks when you print your .ps file.

Once you confirm the .pdf is correct (2 pages, correct size and with crop marks), you submit an online work order for a medium format print job at (select the medium-format, sheet-fed cash print form) and fill out all the info necessary and upload your correct .pdf. You pay for the 2, 13 x 19 prints by going to and paying online. If you want, you can pay directly at the Cashier Window in McClain (if you don’t have a debit or credit card).

Once all the online stuff is done, you have to turn in the 2 sheets of 13 x 19 inkjet paper (you buy this paper yourself), your print out of the online work order and the print out of the payment receipt to the top drawer in OP1250. Then it is magically printed by the OP Output Print monitors. You pick up the final print outs from me when they are done. The print monitors will not give you the final prints no matter how much you beg for them. You get them from me. So, I want 2 final inkjet prints mounted on black foamcore and trimmed with a 1 inch border (trim off the bleed to the 11 x 14 inch final size – that means the foamcore is 13 x 16 inches) If you have any questions about mounting and trimming – don’t be afraid to ask me. The one mounted example on the far end on wall outside OP1224 is exactly what I don’t want to see. It looks like it was trimmed out with a spoon. That is a failing effort.

This is due on Monday, February 20th. That means you should submit the print jobs on Tuesday or Wednesday, so the job is printed and you can pick them up from me on Friday and use the weekend to trim and mount and have them ready for Monday morning. This is a hard deadline – don’t be late on this one.