Elements of Design

Here is the quick list of the fundamental principles and elements of design.


  1. Point
  2. Line
  3. Shape
  4. Forms
  5. Space
  6. Color
  7. Texture
  8. Text (An added one Graphic Designers use that never show up in the “traditional” list)


  1. Balance
  2. Proportion
  3. Perspective
  4. Emphasis
  5. Movement
  6. Pattern
  7. Repetition
  8. Rhythm
  9. Harmony
  10. Unity

As you become more familiar in making the software do what you want it to do, these elements and principles will guide and inform your work to make it structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Every drawing, painting, print, poster and brochure utilizes these fundamental elements and principles. Learn and use them with purpose and intent in your designs and artwork. These elements and principles are simple and straight-forward to use – they are utilized and necessary in any media, traditional or digital and will take years of experience to master.



Web version/Newsletter

Deadline for the designing newsletters webpage/website is on April 7th. Do what you can from the chapters you have read and are reading. Next week, read chapters 9, 10 and 11. Chapter 11 is the first chapter in CSS. CSS is what will ultimately allow you to make the page look good, to control the design the way you want it.