Proof newsletter

Hi guys, OK, I want an initial duplex printed, folded proof (print an 11 x 17 b/w proof and fold in half) of your newsletter on Monday, March 6. The big color printer in OP1224 is capable of duplex printing on an 11 x 17 sheet of paper. Also, a reminder to be reading in Chapters 1,2 and 3 in the Learning Web Design Book. These chapters contain lead-in general info that will give you background for the next set of doing things chapters. So, read them over mid-term break. We will start integrating web coding (using a simple text editor) into the assignment rotation after midterm. Again, you can also use and for web coding tutorials and information.


Newsletters, oh newsletters

Here are the specs for the new InDesign assignment.

4 page newsletter, 2 color (one spot color and black), no bleed, duplex printed.


  • Develop a title and masthead for this newsletter
  • Must use a grid in the layout
  • Must be 4, 8,5 x 11 inch pages set up for spreads in InDesgin
  • Must use character and paragraph styles sheets
  • Must import at least one .eps vector graphic and one .tif raster graphic
  • Must use one pull quote

Pull the copy off of the google drive folder (newletter copy.rft) and you can download the typesetting rules of thumb that are in the folder as well.

Read the copy and figure out how to organize the content, typeset the copy and create an attractive layout. The articles themselves should offer suggestions.

I want to see an initial proof (B/W on 11×17) on March 6th.

Printing specs and mounting info

For the Photoshop Day Map assignment: print to a 13 x 19 sheet of paper. Flush mount. Maximum print area on a non-bleed 13 x 19 print is 12.75 x 18.625.

For the Currency Or WWI poster rebuild: print to a 13 x 19 sheet of paper too. Again, Maximum print area is 12.75 x 18.625. At least one dimension of your design should be at the maximum allowable print area. Does this make sense?

Do not print with crop marks this time. Brownie points if someone blogs the reason why on their blog.

Print outs for both are Due March 8 – mounted and ready for presentation. Make sure you have and use the appropriate tools and supplies, so the final presentation looks professionally done. PRACTICE BEFORE COMMITTING TO THE FINAL PRESENTATION.

Back to Photoshop and Illustrator

OK, the two assignments from class today…

Photoshop, Day Map assignment. You will be shooting photography (any device you wish as long as it gives you the quality and resolution needed) of your day – it can be a typical/standard day for you or a wished-for day or a day that has already happened. Shoot the number of photographs necessary to for you to work with in Photoshop to assemble a montage/collage/narrative, visual representation of this day. Final print size is 13 x 19 inches, printed on the large format inkjet printers in OP Output. Use all your existing Photoshop super powers and dive in and explore some new powers you have seen demonstrated either in class or on or tutorials on YouTube. You have creative control on this assignment.

Illustrator: Two choice here. Rebuild one of the World War I posters (images are on my class Google drive folder). Open up in Photoshop to square up the image and color adjust, save as a tif or jpg and use as an image template in Illustrator to rebuild this poster as vector art. Let’s constrain this assignment to 13 x 19 inch overall size too, for output.

OR: Design your own personal currency (paper bill) of any denomination. The design must have your image on the bill and on the back something that symbolizes one of your interests or belief or maybe a place you have lived… something. Create the design for both the front and back of the bill and then we will produce final art for an overall “sheet” with multiple fronts and a back with multiple backs to duplex print on a 13 x 19 inch (2 sided paper).

We will talk on Monday about deadlines for these assignments.

In the zone with InDesign

Sorry that was cheesy. I didn’t get this posted yesterday, but here is the new assignment working with InDesign…

You are recreating/using the provided text and graphics/images for the Kirksville Arts Association brochure. Everything should be found on my Google Drive in the DSP folder. This is an 11 x 14″, four color with bleed, fold in half pamphlet. You can rebuild your InDesign document to match to old design or use the provided assets and create your own design. Update any dated info in the text or in the graphics. You can use a new “glamour” photo for the poster side if you want. Look at all this creative freedom I’m giving you.

Work with everything you have learned so far in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign to do a technically correct production file. There is a lot of text, and I want you to use and set up you Character and Paragraph styles.

I will help you tomorrow in class with this if you need any. I want an 8.5 x 11″ laser proof on Monday – to see/catch any problems before we prep for the large format inkjet printing due on Monday, February 20th.

Process takes practice

A reminder to be blogging examples of all that you have done already in class. If you didn’t turn in your Jack and Jill print out today, drop it by my office before Friday.

On Friday, have your printout of your image retouch assignment. You are trying to make the photo look like new without any damage. I showed you the dodge and burn tool today to effect the lightness or darkness of an area of pixels. That might help with some of damage in the image. A lot of it will be fixed with the Clone stamp tool.

Early next week is an couple of Illustrator assignments – Monday have your Illustrator, Jack and Jill rebuild done and printed to turn in. Save a .tif or .jpg of the Photoshop Jack and Jill and open, import/place the .tif or .jpg into Illustrator as a template (click on the layer and designate it as a template). Then you can begin the vector rebuild of the Jack and Jill story you made in Photoshop.

On Wednesday you should have your Russian River logo rebuild done. Try to match the .jpg as closely as possible. Again, open or import/place the .jpg into Illustrator as a template and rebuild it with the vector tools. Have it printed by the start of class to turn in.

No deadline yet on the InDesign Kirksville Arts Association copy assignment. You are importing/placing the text, creating auto-flow text boxes and using the Paragraph and Character style sheets to copy-set the text. Ask any questions about this on Friday. I did place on the Google Drive folder an Illustrator file of the KAA logo that you can open up and save as an .eps and place in the document too. Set up a column grid on an 8.5 x 14″ document and set the copy.

I think that’s it. These are skill-building assignments. Make sure you are watching the tutorials so this stuff I’m showing you isn’t completely foreign to you. The assignments will soon become more and more complex, so get up to speed with the fundamental tools. See you on Friday.

Things to do from today.

OK, I went over several things today. I showed you how to straighten up a photograph of some art in the gallery using transform/distort in Photoshop. I showed you also how to use the Clone Stamp tool to retouch damage on a photograph and I went over the printing to a .ps file and Distilling to a .pdf file in InDesign again. Also in InDeign, I showed you how to package an InDesign document with links and fonts for transport and opening on a different computer. I totally ignored Illustrator today. Try doing all of these things I showed you today and be ready to ask questions on Weds about them if you have problems.

I want a laser printout (8.5 x 11 Letter) of your Jack and Jill Photoshop assignment at the start of class on Weds. Save from Photoshop as a .tif and use InDesign to make the .ps/.pdf to print to the laser printer. You will need to add money to your Print Audit account if you haven’t already done so to print to the OP1224 laser printer.

Find a damaged photo (or, use the one I worked with today) and retouch out all the damage in the photograph as best you can with your existing Photoshop skills – primarily using the clone stamp tool and whatever other tool(s) you think might work in restoring the image. Your options are to use pixels from other areas in the image, adjust the pixels (lightness/darkness, hue, saturation, etc..), or make new pixels (this option is the most difficult). You have until Friday for that one (I want retouched image laser printed on Friday at the start of class).

Remember to save anything you have done in the last couple of weeks (as a .jpg) and upload to your blog and start posting. I like reading your trials and tribulations.