Design and Art are digital and technical fields. Graphic designers and artists should be proficient and capable working in the digital realm. For graphic designers, it isn’t an option not to be fluent and for artists, whether or not they create digital content, they will at some point be working with a graphic designer and should know what they do and what they are capable of doing digitally.

My creative background covers 15 years working professionally as a paste-up artist, graphic designer, art director and a business owner in advertising. My career began at the very start of the digital revolution in the design field, when most of the work done was still accomplished by hand – creating designs by drawing, sketching, marker comps and traditional pre-press mechanical prep. Computers and software quickly replaced techniques and processes that had been in place for decades. I had to learn everything as it was being developed and integrated into the creative process while trying to please demanding clients. It was a challenge, but the experience has given me a deep insight into how to use software and why you use certain software.

That is what this course is all about, preparing graphic designers and artists for their digitally fluent futures.