Things to do from today.

OK, I went over several things today. I showed you how to straighten up a photograph of some art in the gallery using transform/distort in Photoshop. I showed you also how to use the Clone Stamp tool to retouch damage on a photograph and I went over the printing to a .ps file and Distilling to a .pdf file in InDesign again. Also in InDeign, I showed you how to package an InDesign document with links and fonts for transport and opening on a different computer. I totally ignored Illustrator today. Try doing all of these things I showed you today and be ready to ask questions on Weds about them if you have problems.

I want a laser printout (8.5 x 11 Letter) of your Jack and Jill Photoshop assignment at the start of class on Weds. Save from Photoshop as a .tif and use InDesign to make the .ps/.pdf to print to the laser printer. You will need to add money to your Print Audit account if you haven’t already done so to print to the OP1224 laser printer.

Find a damaged photo (or, use the one I worked with today) and retouch out all the damage in the photograph as best you can with your existing Photoshop skills – primarily using the clone stamp tool and whatever other tool(s) you think might work in restoring the image. Your options are to use pixels from other areas in the image, adjust the pixels (lightness/darkness, hue, saturation, etc..), or make new pixels (this option is the most difficult). You have until Friday for that one (I want retouched image laser printed on Friday at the start of class).

Remember to save anything you have done in the last couple of weeks (as a .jpg) and upload to your blog and start posting. I like reading your trials and tribulations.


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