First assignments

OK, here is what I assigned today in class. Get subscribed to You can do the monthly subscription (not the annual – unless you really like lynda and plan to use it beyond this class). Make sure to go after the student discount subscription.

You are going to begin watching the essential training videos for Adobe CC Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I want you to get into each video far enough to familiarize yourself with the three different (yet very similar) work space interfaces. I find having the software open and doing the things going on in the video while it plays is useful. I stop and rewind quite a bit too. But, everybody works/learns differently.

I plan to do a live demo with the software on Friday. There are only five computers in the lab, so get subscribed to Adobe CC too and get it installed on your computers and bring them to class to work on (or you can also after the demos, go into OP1210 Beta Computer lab and work there – if/when I cut you loose.

We will also take a look at your “old school” design marker comps. This is like an “unplugged”process – no computers necessary. This is a one color (black) design comp for a poster (11×17 or 13×19) promoting a gallery exhibition of your artwork. It should include who, what, where and when on the poster text (you can make this stuff up). This comp can be 50% of the actual size.

If you are getting frustrated and/or overwhelmed at any point during the semester, please feel free to stop by and talk. My door is always open and there is a ton of information to cram into our noggins and the potential for getting frustrated is high. I know, I’ve been there and done that.


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